Rangitaane O Manawatu through TMI is involved with two Treaty of Waitangi claims, Wai 182 and Wai 543, which are summarised below. The purpose of this page is to provide a brief background of these claims and their status.

Wai 182 - The Manawatu Claim

Wai 182 was originally lodged by TMI Chief Executive Ruth Jacqueline Hera Harris on behalf of herself and all other descendants of Rangitaane O Manawatu, with the support and the assistance of TMI with the Waitangi Tribunal on 20th December 1990. It was subsequently amended on 19th April 1993.

Following hui in 1997, TMI was given the mandate by Rangitaane O Manawatu beneficiaries to enter into direct negotiations with the Crown to settle Wai 182. TMI subsequently lodged this deed of mandate with the Crown who accepted TMI's mandate to enter into direct negotiations in respect of Wai 182. A Terms of Negotiation was signed between TMI and the Crown on 27th July 1998. The terms set out the:

Objectives of negotiation between TMI and the Crown;
Procedure for direct negotiations;
Scope of issues TMI and the Crown would discuss as part of the negotiations process; and
Crown requirements of direct negotiations.

Following negotiations, TMI and the Crown signed a Heads of Agreement on 25th November 1999, which sets out the proposed settlement of Rangitaane O Manawatu historical claims against the Crown in respect of Wai 182. The heads contains the redress both cultural and commercial the Crown is offering to Rangitaane O Manawatu beneficiaries.

TMI is now working with the Crown to develop a Deed of Settlement, which will form the basis of the formal offer to Rangitaane O Manawatu beneficiaries. The deed must be approved by a substantial majority of Rangitaane O Manawatu beneficiaries before a formal deed will be accepted by the Crown. As part of the ratification process, TMI shall be undertaking a consultation round with beneficiaries of Rangitaane O Manawatu to obtain their views of the Crown's offer. Eventually, the Crown's offer will be put to a vote and Rangitaane O Manawatu beneficiaries will ultimately decide whether to accept or reject the offer. Once TMI and the Crown have negotiated a draft Deed of Settlement, TMI shall prepare consultation documentation that shall be posted on this website which Rangitaane O Manawatu beneficiaries can download. The documents shall also be sent to all beneficiaries who are registered with TMI. Then a number of consultation hui shall be organised by TMI where they will consult with Rangitaane O Manawatu beneficiaries on the Crown offer.

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Wai 543 - Te Whanganui A Tara (The
Wellington) Claim

Wai 543 was lodged by TMI's Chief Executive, Ruth Jacqueline Hera Harris, on behalf of herself and all other descendants of Rangitaane O Manawatu, with the support and assistance of TMI with the Waitangi Tribunal on 25th July 1995.

The claim was part of the extensive Waitangi Tribunal Hearings that were held in Wellington, which concluded in March 1999.

The Waitangi Tribunal Report was released in May 2003 and is available from the Waitangi Tribunal or can be downloaded from their website. Rangitaane O Manawatu are currently assessing the report from a Rangitaane O Manawatu perspective.


For more information on either of these claims, please write to:

TMI Claims Manager
PO Box 1341
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Telephone: (06) 353-1881
Facsimile: (06) 355-1880

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